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USB Data Recovery

USB Flash Drives

Total Data Recal offers professional data recovery services for all types of USB flash and other digital card products such as SD cards used in cameras. We recover data from all capacity USB Flash drives.

We offer a fixed price recovery service on these types of devices as they often fall into one of two recovery types.

Logical damage: Here the USB device is generally still identified by the operating system but may have file system damage or issues reading data from the drive. The USB drive may be giving you messages asking to format the drive, or appearing to be empty. We also recover data from drives that have been occidentally formatted or had files deleted by accident. Generally with these recoveries we will be able to recover data by reading the faulty device with our hardware – software tools we use.

Physical Damage Here the USB device will generally not show up in the operating system, this may be due to physically damaging the device during removal – insertion to the USB port or causing some other physical damage, such as broken connectors on the USB Flash drive. This can also be caused in many cases due to faulty components on the device for example the controller chip or the failure of another component.

With this damage we will generally either repair the device at component level or remove the main memory chips for reading in our tools. Once the chip is removed we will then begin the complex process of creating an image of the chip and then determining how the data was written to the chip in order to recover the data.

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