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SD and Digital Camera Card Recovery

Total Data Recall successfully recovered data from all types of memory cards used in digital cameras, video cameras and any other storage device that use SD, XD cards and Compact Flash devices.

If you have deleted a file by accident, formatted your SD card that contains all your photos from a holiday or any other occasion we can help in recovering data from these devices.

We are able to provide recovery services that are either Software or Hardware based depending on the initial reason for failure. The main point to note is to stop using your card immediately and not attempt any self recovery as this can complicate the data recovery process.

Once we receive the damaged SD or other card we will run an initial evaluation and will let you know what files can be recovered and provide you with a free evaluation prior to any work commencing. Once we have your approval we will commence the data recovery process. You will only be charged upon successful completion of the job and your files being returned to you.

Typically SD cards, XD cards ad Compact Flash Cards suffer from 2 types of failures, software or Hardware failures.

Typical symptoms of Software problems.

  • Accidentily formatted device
  • Accidentily deleted photos
  • Memory card not detected
  • Need to format or device not formatted messages
  • Device not being detected by computer
  • Corroupted File System.

Typical symptoms of Hardware problems.

  • Broken connectors
  • Physically damaged devices
  • Memory card not being detected by camera or computer
  • Memory card suffered water damage
  • Computer detects inserted device as 0 Mb or a wrong size

We have the necessary equipment and knowledge to deal with either of these problems. For Hardware damage we are able to remove the memory chip from the device and read it contents manually in order to recover the data.

Depending on the amount of data recovered we will return the recovered data on a set of DVD’s or other media.

To find out more about this service please call us on 1800 73 22 55, or email us here,we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Alternatively click here to complete the job request form and submit your job for a free no obligation evaluation.


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