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Good Morning Ari,

 My Hard drive arrived in the mail yesterday. I have to admit, when you said that not much could be recovered, I was a bit worried. Obviously all the data would have been nice but unfortunately not possible.

I would like to thank you for your efforts as the data that you were able to recover was some of the more critical data that was on there. Thank you also for the minimal amount that you charged me, I will certainly be recommending your services to anyone that may need them, and if I am ever in a similar situation or need highly specialised IT support, Total Data Recall will be my first point of contact. I also left you a good review on Google.

Thanks again and have yourself a great day.

Thank you Ari, for restoring my ‘life’!

Hello Ari, thanks to you I was able to find all my files intact, all my works, my memories… what a relief !

Thank you again for your responsiveness and professionalism ! I’m talking about you around me because where I live there’s nobody able to recover files.

For those who read this email do not hesitate and trust Ari !

JC from New Caledonia

I am so grateful for Ari and his hard work. My external hard drive crashed and I had no back up. Being a school teacher your hard drive is your life! 4 different IT people had a look at it and couldn’t help. I rang around several data recovery companies and got quotes up to $1000 with a 2-3 week wait and no guarantee. Ari did an assessment of my hard drive within an hour, provided me with a reasonable quote and gave me a time frame of 2-3 days. He rang me the NEXT DAY and advised he had retrieved all the data back and he would send it back to me via express post free of charge. I can not recommend Ari’s service enough!


Ari was an absolute pleasure to deal with, very helpful and a true talent, as he was able to retrieve all of my data back for me in the shortest period of time. Also, the price was so very cheap compared to other service providers. Please do not hesitate to contact Ari, you will not be disappointed.



Finding a trusted and reliable service provider for data recovery can be scary specially when at that moment you really really need someone you can trust!

Over time I have dealt with technical people who have either done more damage than good, or some damage, and often difficult to deal with. So, having 3 of my computers roll over and die at the same time did more than cause me a headache!

I am very pleased and grateful I found Total Data Recall on this occasion . Not only was the final job done right, but the service is smooth and everything you could want- responsive initial contact; convenient pick up of the computer drive; courteous and caring communication during progress; and the prompt and reliable return of my precious data safe and sound!

I don’t know about you, but those are all the things I wanted. I will use Total Data Recall again in a flash if I ever need to.

I will keep recommending you to friends and colleagues, Ari.

Dear Ari,

Thank you so very much for the work you did in recovering my lost photos on my SD card. After accidentally formatting it during my photography class and the teacher saying, \”That\’s it, they\’re gone forever and there\’s no hope of getting them back!\”, I was so relieved when you could help me to get back my precious memories. Sincere gratitude…


Dear Ari

I am writing to express my gratitude and deep appreciation for your magical work in making 100% data recovery.

This achievement is all the more telling when three major data recovery specialists in North Sydney told me that i should, at best, expect about 50% data recovery and that, too, at a cost of more than $2000! One of them asked for a nonrefundable fee of $495 to look at the data in the clean room. Another mentioned that  it would take between four to six weeks. The litany of such statements goes on and on.

The speed with which you performed the data recovery has also been very impressive. It took you just three days to recover 100% data. Wow!

You have brought sunshine to me when I was immersed in gloom and darkness. You are a legend, in true sense of the word.

Thank you



Professional Learning and Leadership Coordinator, NSW Department of education and Training

Hi Ari

I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to you and your staff for the wonderful job you did recovering the data on my son’s hd. As the mother of a person with Asperger’s you are my heroes. We have been through 5 weeks of total turmoil since his hard drive died and I really feared he may never recover from the loss of 7 years worth of downloads and his art work. Thank you again, you truly are life savers. Yours in gratitude.

‘As a freelance photo-journalist I should have known better and backed up all my articles and photographs.

Fortunately when my computer died I eventually found Total Data Recall. Having tried other data recovery companies who had failed, I was pointed in the right direction at the third time of asking. Calm, considered and honest.

Ari and and Total Data Recall did exactly what it says on their logo.

Thank you very much indeed Ari for finding everything!’

It’s scary losing all your photos.

Well, that’s what it feels like when they are all stuck on a chip you can’t access! Ari is the one to turn to if you want professional help with friendly service and reassuring phone calls along the way. He told me what had happened and what he would do, and he recovered my photos in a few days. Couldn’t ask for better! Now i have all my precious memories back. Thank’s Ari

Thanks so much for your help Ari – We are extremely grateful to you for being able to salvage all our precious photos for us. Your service was terrific and we really appreciated your updates along the way. I will gladly recommend your services to anyone that needs your help recovering data. Cheers Peter

Hi Ari

A massive THANK YOU for all your help with recovering our ever so precious photos!!

When two different companies looked at our internally damaged hard-drive and basically told us it was a lost cause and that they were unsuccessful in recovering any photos; we lost all hope. But then I came accross your webstie and… well, we never looked back!

Even the first point of contact with you brought huge relief! You were always so quick to respond to my endless amount of questions I had and always seemed happy to help. Even though it was such a speedy process, we thoroughly appreciated your updates and where the recovery process was at.

I know it’s your job but we would have been lost without you!

I would be happy to recommend you to anyone should they require your services!



Hi Ari

I know this is your job but…

On behalf of my family and myself i would like to say an enormous THANK YOU for retrieving my endnote document. I can’t actually believe you have been able to do this. I have learnt my lesson and will learn how to navigate the program and save constantly.

Hugely thankful


Dear Ari

Greetings from Niigata Japan

Thanks for the follow up.

All is better than perfect with my computer. I cannot thank you enough. I am now backing up at home AND at work. And I have NO worries about data recovery now. Your success means that I probably won’t need to see you again, which is in and of itself, sad!. But be assured that I have recommended you to all that will listen Ari..

“I came to you on Saturday morning, in a rather anxious state, hoping you could recover critical data from my laptops hard drive. I’d gone to another data recovery specialist earlier that day, and he told me to cut my losses and move on. You said this wasn’t necessarily so. Carefully, patiently and systematically, you guided me through the data extraction process, explaining the possible risks but all the while reassuring me that I was in the best possible hands. Thanks to you I now have a completely restored hard drive.

Thanks again Ari,

Prof Levon Khachigian Phd DSc

Thanks Ari,

Thanks for doing such a great work to save my data.

Your input and effort are enormous, you’re not just delivering a task, You CARE for your customer and you’d help



Hello Ari

I just wanted to get back to you with some feedback from our dealings with Total Data Recall. We were very happy with the process of working with you. Our client was also very pleased to see a full recovery of their data. The most important aspect to them was the intellectual property associated with the data and to have that back is very good indeed.

So in short, thank you. We will readily refer customers to you next we have such a challenge.


Gavin Forest

Managing Director

Hi Ari

Many thanks for saving my data today, you have saved my life! it was a pleasure to do business with you and I will definitely be getting in touch with Total Data Recall if I have any further problems( although hopefully I learnt this time). I would recommend TDR to anyone who has lost their data, be it on a USB or hard drive, as you were responsive, professional and seem to care about the work you do.



Dear Ari

Thank you so much for a fantastic service and some great advice as well. My only regret is that I didn’t find you earlier; I could have saved myself a lot of time and stress.

Thanks again



Managing Director

Vaniggy Corp PTY LTD

Dear Ari,

I found total Data Recall to be reliable, considerate and well worth my time and money. They responded quickly to my questions and explained each step of the data recovery to me. I found that they were time efficient and catered to my needs well. I would definitely use Total Data Recall again, should I need to.

Eleanor J

To whom it may concern,

I has the pleasure of using  Total Data Recall recently, when my memory stick was severely damaged. the Stick contained some very important data that i had not saved elsewhere. Total Data Recall were incredibly efficient to deal with, and more importantly, saved the data !!! Would not hesitate to recommend.



After trying other Data Recovery companies recently, Total Data Recall made quick work of our clients crashed CNC machine 2.5 inch hard drive. They quoted prmoptly with a fair price and we have had 100% of the data back the following day. I know I will not be going anywhere else. Thank you Total Data Recall.

McCoy IT Services.

From a damaged hard drive with faulty heads that would not detect in the BIOS, Total Data Recall were able to provide a fully functional image of the damaged drive as well as copying requested data files to DVD. The recovery of this critical data was completed with maximum results and in a very short time frame. I couldn’t be happier with the service. I highly recommend Total Data Recall to anyone with data recovery needs.

Sasha Hajenko. Corporate Account Manager

Dear Ari

Many businesses have on web sites testimonials of happy customers and for many readers it could be made up but this is no made up testimonial.

Total Data Recall came to my attention after seeing them at the Cebit show expo, we decided to try them out and we have been nothing but happy with the service.

Many companies see the data recovery industry as a bit of a money printing exercise but not Total Data Recall, they are worth every cent you will pay for the service.

The work is difficult and the error rate high but total Data Recall make it happen. From picking up the job to recovering the data everything is done with great speed and professionakism. Data Recovery is a trivky job with 80% success rate, however everyjob we have sent to Total Data Recall has been 100% recovery rate and were happy and our customers are happy.

Your data is precious and recovery should not be risked by cowboys, go to the experts who know what they are doing and you will see for yourself.

It gives me great pleasure to write a testimonial and put my full name at the bottom of it.

Darren Boehm


Express Computer Repair

It’s amazing how quickly your world can fall into chaos… Being a multitasker from way-back, I was answering emails, photoshopping, and backing up my external hard drive full of wedding images when the office phone rang – I made a dash for it when my foot caught the power cable. The thud I felt in the pit of my stomach, felt equally as loud as the thud when the drive hit the floor.

Tentatively I plugged it back in, and waited, desperate for it to reappear on my desktop… regrettably it did not and I knew I was in trouble.

Checking the drive it was syncing to, I confirmed what I already knew… that the process of mirroring the two drives, had not completed, and that I was now missing irreplaceable wedding images.

Perhaps the best thing that I did in that moment of total panic was recognise that I was out of my depth, and that I needed the services of someone that was an absolute expert in data recovery. Some calls to colleagues led me to call Total Data Recall.

From the very first phone call, I knew that I was in safe hands…

Whilst I won’t pretend to fully understand the technical nature of just how Ari got ALL of my data back, I can speak of his persistence, his methodical approach, his specialist know-how, and most importantly of all his calming and approachable nature.

If you’re in a bind… you definitely want Ari on your side.

I am beyond grateful for your hard work in retrieving the data from my broken hardrive. All my photos of my children from birth were on the one WD drive, and I’d already had one unsuccessful attempt with another company to retrieve the info off the hardrive with no luck. Last resort I found you through google, and I’m so lucky to have all my photos back. Thank you for you persevering and getting all my precious files back!

From a most relieved and grateful customer thank you Ari!


when my drive fell of the table , i thought my life was over, Being a photographer i had my lifes work on the drive with no backup.

Total Data Recall saved us

thank you


The loss of data is never easy, especially for a small business owner. When everything is riding on the contents of a drive that no longer works, it’s hard not to end up in a panic. Ari at Total Data Recall provided not only a professional and thorough service, he was meticulous with his approach, never offered false hope and explained every step along the way. His after service support was fantastic and I am reassured that his services are available should the need ever arise in the future.”


Hi Ari,

Thank you and your organisation’s efficient and professional service in recovering the data (and much of the precious family photos) from our portable hard drive. We have been advised by one of your competitor that our hard drive was unique and recovery may be rather difficult, and another advised us – that it will cost $500 to just have the drive to be looked at, before any work. Your organisation’s – no recovery no fee policy is a great assurance, the free collection – an absolute convenience. Extremely happy that every files in the hard drive were recovered – especially the photos within a week, and you send us back all the empty CDs that were not used – so thank you and a job well done.


Hi Ari

I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to you and your staff for the wonderful job you did recovering the data on my son’s hd. As the mother of a person with Asperger’s you are my heroes. We have been through 5 weeks of total turmoil since his hard drive died and I really feared he may never recover from the loss of 7 years worth of downloads and his art work.  Thank you again, you truly are life savers. Yours in gratitude.