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RAID , NAS and Server Recovery

Total data Recall specializes in recovering data from failed RAID arrays. RAID arrays are used in anything from an external drive enclosure containing two or more drives to desktop PC’s and Servers. We are able to recover data from Dell, Lacie, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Acer, Apple, Seagate, Dlink to name just a few.

RAID arrays come in different configurations from basic Mirroring (RAID 1) of data across multiple discs to Striping (RAID 0) across multiple discs, There are also other configurations such as RAID 5 and RAID 6 that are all used in different setup’s by different manufacturers for different data protection levels.

We are able to recover from all of these types of setup’s, We recover data irrespective of the operating system used and the configuration used.

RAID array failures can be due to several reasons, It dosen’t matter what the reason is it is important to stop using and not try to rebuild the damaged array yourself. Doing so can result in further damage to the array and can lead to unsuccessful data recovery.

Typically we have seen RAID array failures due to,

  • Clicking or faulty hard drive within the array. Either multiple drives or individual drives.
  • Damaged hard drives due to controller damage.
  • Damaged hard drives due to firmware failure.
  • Damaged RAID controller cards.
  • Unreadable drives due to bad blocks or other reading issues.
  • Corrupted or damaged operating system.
  • Faulty power supplies in desktop RAID arrays such as Lacie, Western Digital, Seagate or other manufacturers.

At the first sign of failure it is important to shut down the system containing the damaged array and not attempt to do any further work. Data Recovery from RAID arrays is not a simple job. The more information you will provide us with about the failure the greater success rate we will have at recovering your data.

Our RAID Recovery process.

We understand that when a RAID array crashes it can be a major disaster as often crucial data is on the failed array. Therefore when a failed array arrives at our office we start work immediately to try and provide you with an answer as to what can be done within 2 hours.

In order to successfully recover data from a faulty RAID array we prefer to have the entire desktop / Server / NAS device in an untouched and original configuration.

We then begin with marking down the exact configuration of the array and start by carrying out an evaluation of what has failed. We will then begin imaging of the individual discs. Once this is complete we will carry our repairs to any damaged discs and finally we will rebuild the array, This can be a lengthy and costly process. Prior to work being carried out we will provide you with a fixed price to recover the data and the recovery process will start once this has been approved.

For any inquires about RAID recovery please call us on  1800 73 22 55 or to submit a job please click here. We will contact you to discuss the delivery or pick-up of the damaged items.

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