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Hard Drive Data Recovery

Total Data Recall offers data recovery from all brands of hard drives; whether these be internal hard drives or external hard drives our team successfully recovers from all these hard drives on a daily basis.

We assist home users, business users and government users recover data from any type of mechanical damage, logical damage, firmware damage and more on a daily basis.

We recover data from all types of

  • Desktop and external hard drives
  • Clicking, buzzing or grinding sounds
  • Notebook hard drives
  • 1.8 inch hard drives including hard drives from Mac book Air
  • Solid State hard drives

Over our time working on different hard drives we know the issues that some drives will develop more than others and as such have our own recovery process in dealing with these drives, this has successfully helped us recover more data than some other companies have due to our knowledge of drives.

If your hard drive is displaying any of these symptoms it is important to stop using your drive immediately, Ongoing use of a drive with these symptoms will result in irrecoverable damage being caused to the media.

  • Hard drive producing a clicking sound.
  • Hard drive producing a clunking sounds.
  • Hard drive making buzzing sounds.
  • Hard drive making a grinding sound.
  • Hard drive producing smoke from the controller board.
  • Hard drive has been in water or a fire.

Less serious damage that we also successfully recover from includes the items below, Once again it is important to stop using the affected hard drive immediately to maximize the possibility of a successful recovery.

  • Viruses that have stopped the pc from booting correctly.
  • Deleted hard drives and files.
  • Accidental formatted hard drive.
  • Windows or your operating system freezing or not starting correctly.

If you have any questions or are not sure about whether you require data recovery services it is always best to stop what you are doing and call us for a free chat on 1800 73 22 55. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have. You can also email us here.

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